Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday: Responsive Web Design Rocks. But Only If You Get It Right

We simply can’t keep our hands off the Internet. Whether at home, work or outside; the Internet follows us wherever we go. With more than 60 percent of all mobile users in the U.S. now on smartphones, it is hard not to talk about the mobile Web. The mobile Web leads us to the most important factor that contributes to a great user experience – Responsive Web Design.

SEO Saturday

SEO Saturday: Link Building without Producing Mass Amounts of Content

In late 2011, the content marketing craze started and with each Google update since, support for it has grown. Today, people often use content marketing and SEO interchangeably, which is a mistake. Content marketing is certainly a part of any great SEO strategy, but if you focus solely upon it, you will miss plenty of valuable links. Today I am going to share with you some of the best ways to link building without submitting content.