Web & Mobile Development

Web & Mobile Development is the process of integrating a design, concept, or business initiative on the Internet.

For those venturing into the world of web development for the first time, it would mean that we would need to do an analysis of your business to determine which strategy and approach will benefit your company’s online presence.

What does web site development involve?

Our web developers are interested in leading your way to powerful website creation and also making YOUR business work! It demands more than in-depth programming skills. It calls for progressive development skills to keep up the lead in an ever-growing web-environment.

Website development requires sharp business analysis, requirements analysis and needs assessments apart from adept programming skills – a knack of the web-market to keep on adding to the customer’s value chain.

The most successful web solutions today are those that are continually updated and which interact with the viewer – providing a personalized customer experience.

Sienna Web Designs has an excellent understanding of the internet, web technology and the integration of existing business systems and processes. We have many years of experience developing Web Applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce Solutions and Custom Applications.

We will create a functional web platform that will help you convert your visitors to customers by using modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, .NET, and more.

Similar to the design-side… Before a development project is started, we will meet with you to discuss:

  • History & Goals you have for your website
  • Are there any special arrangements that need to be made concerning domain name, web hosting, payment gateway, other?
  • Required Depth and Complexity of the site
  • Style & Graphical Elements
  • Content you want to include
  • Functionality Requirements
  • Timeframe – Projected start date and completion date of website
  • Budget
  • Future of your site

After this meeting, we will be able to supply you with a proposal and quote you a price.

Contact us to ask any questions or setup a meeting so we can discuss your development project.