Domain Names & Web Hosting

Domain Names

Every web site has a unique address, called the Domain Name.

  • Domain names are the familiar, easy to remember names for computers on the Internet.
  • They correspond to a series of numbers (called Internet Protocol numbers) that serve as routing addresses on the Internet.

Give this step some thought. It is very important to choose a name that is appropriate and relating to your site’s content. If your web site is going to deal with cars, for example, you should try to find a Domain Name that has cars in it.


Here are a few sites that you can use to search for your domain name(s).

After you find the name that you want, I suggest that you grab it. DON’T WAIT!!!

If you have a particular web host in mind, you may want to inquire if they provide Domain Name services. They will sometimes offer a lower bundled price.

Additional Domain Name resources:

Web Hosting

We can also help you find a web hosting service that will fit your needs. Feel free to contact us and ask us your questions before making a commitment.

Factors to consider when evaluating a web hosting provider…

  • Speed of server – How fast can users access your web site? If a user has to wait to long, you will lose them. You may want to compare several web hosting services.
  • Uptime Guarantee – You may think that this is rare, but all hosts have downtime. Find out their track record and compare that to your needs.
  • Switchability – You want to have the ability to switch web hosts if need be. Do not sign a contract that locks you in for more than a few months and make sure that you retain the rights to your domain name.
  • Disk Space – This is the amount of space you will have on the server to store your web pages. Start out small and make sure that you will have the ability to get more space as your site grows.
  • Bandwidth – This is the amount of information that can pass through any given point at a given time. It is best to find a server that can give you unrestricted bandwidth, so that your pages will flow uninterrupted.
  • Data Transfer – This is the amount of information that is downloaded from a website. For example, let’s assume all of the data (pictures, text, buttons) on your homepage totals 25KB. If a thousand people viewed your homepage you’d have 25MB total data transfer for that month (25KB multiplied by 1000).
  • E-mail Accounts – This feature varies from 1 to many depending on the host. Get at least as many emails as you need. Other e-mail issues are forwarding, auto-responders and aliases.
  • Other features – SSL (Secure Socket Layers), ASP (Active Server Pages), .NET, PHP, CGI (Common Gateway Interface), Database Access – SQL/MySQL, Use of Subwebs, Ecommerce Availability…

Take all this into consideration and pick the best web host to fill all your needs.

The following are some of the hosting companies we have worked with:

Some of these are better than others in our opinion. Feel free to contact us and ask us your questions before making a commitment.