Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Company: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

URL: http://www.buccaneers.com

# of pages: 1000+

Tools & Technologies: HTML, XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, PHP, .NET, VB.NET, C#, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, UI/UX Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Structural Database Organization, WordPress and other Content Management Systems, Photoshop, Flash, ActionScript 2/3, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms, SEO, SEM, Browser/Platform Constraints & Accessibility, Cross-Browser Compatibility/Testing

Position Held: Manager, Digital Media & Web Developer

Project Description:

  • Managed day-to-day operations of Buccaneers.com, the Glazer Family Foundation’s website, several other Glazer-owned websites, the Buccaneer’s intranet and other satellite websites.
  • Responsible for all web development and digital media related issues including Websites, Intranet, Servers, Databases, Mobile, Social, Advertising, Content Creation, SEO, Email Marketing, Audio/Video, Ecommerce and Analytics.
  • Worked closely with partnered agencies and the NFL to provide a cohesive user experience and award winning digital strategy execution.
  • Oversaw the execution of digital projects through implementation to ensure best practice, correct brand marketing, and user experience.
  • Maintained several Legacy .NET/SQL applications.
  • Monitored and analyzed web site statistics to aid in website optimization.
  • Facilitated the needs of clients/partners in terms of required web assets such as videos, graphics, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Trained and monitored a small team and all content producers.