InnQuest Software

Company: InnQuest Software


# of pages: 100+

Tools & Technologies: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Responsive Web Design, Media Queries, Bootstrap, UI/UX Design, Adobe CS, Browser/Platform Constraints & Accessibility, Cross-Browser Compatibility/Testing, MySQL, Linux, WHM, cPanel.

Position Held: Contract Full Stack Web Developer

Project Description:

Contracted to help the company’s management team create a new Web Services division from scratch.

► Analysis of competition, Web Services requirements gathering, research & planning, implementation of project plan and planning of future strategies of their new Web Service offerings.
► Creation of templates for web project requirements gathering documentation and Proposal Contract.
► Setup & maintenance of new VPS Web Hosting environment – Linux, WHM, cPanel.
► Creation of Base WordPress Package containing required plugins and configured settings that could be easily duplicated and would cut future labor costs.
► Creation of several working demo websites that the company could use as proof of concept & future starter templates when talking to future potential clients – WordPress & HTML5.
► Modification of the InnQuest Booking widget making it mobile-friendly and easily implemented.
► Acted as initial point of contact during initial phases, both internally and with clients, concerning sales, requirements gathering, specifications, proposal, cost estimation providing updates, design & development, QA testing, delivery, maintenance.
► Continued to provide web development consultation & support to the company on a part-time basis until sufficient staff was hired.